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Chronic Infections and Hidden Infections

Treating infections is the catalyst required for one to go into complete remission. Testing for an infection is a critical way in ensuring the success of recovery. The most common infections are SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), in some cases Lyme disease, H.pylori, and parasites.

SIBO normally results from consuming too much starchy foods and antibiotics. Antibiotics get rid of bacteria both useful and bad. As result, there is the creation of an environment for SIBO to attack. SIBO causes intestinal permeability. Despite this, the individual will still use antibiotics as a part of treatment for the infection. The person therefore, can take probiotics that replenish the good bacteria. A natural treatment is taking herbs that are antimicrobial while implementing elemental diets. These diets include; low FODMAPS, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and GAPS DIET.

For H. pylori treatment, a triple antibiotic is necessary. Removing the infection eliminates the triggers that cause Hashimotos’. The use of probiotics to replenish the good bacteria is vital. If antibiotics are not required, an alternative is the natural protocols. They include; probiotics and foods that are fermented. Fermented foods include; extra-virgin coconut oil, cloves of garlic, Lacto-fermented sauerkraut, glycyrrhizin, aloe Vera juice, mastic gum, coenzyme Q10, and quercetin.

The Lyme disease treatment is by physicians who have in-depth knowledge about the disease. Finding an expert is thus necessary. In most cases, the Lyme disease is the root cause of Hashimotos’. Lyme disease signals include; symptoms that disappear and re-appear, symptoms that worsen every time, persistent body pains, headaches, and memory problems.

Parasites trigger autoimmunity and can cause damage to the intestines. The doctor carries out tests using the GI Effects Profile to determine the infection. Alternatively, the patient can use anti-parasitic herbs, particular anti-parasitic medications, supplements, probiotics (S.boulardii), and a low starch diet.

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