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What Else Impacts the Mood?

Why are People Happier in Boulder, Colorado?

Living in high altitude places like mountains of Utah, Colorado or Boulder generates happy feelings. However, half the population in such areas suffer from depression, with increase suicidal rates and antidepressant usage.

A recent study showed that individuals with low serotonin amounts experience worse feelings in high altitude places, because, high altitude lowers serotonin levels and increases dopamine. The opposite is also true.

In some cases, people with dopamine deficiency have high levels of serotonin. Such people will lead happy lives in high altitudes. In fact, the dopamine gives them extreme pleasure that leads to their happiness. It is why, others are happy in areas like Boulder.

Dopamine and thyroid come from the amino acid L-tyrosine. This interconnection makes people with thyroid disease feel happier in high altitude places. The extra boost comes from the dopamine.

Seasonal affective disorder (winter blues)

Some researchers agree to the existence of such a disorder while others do not. The theory explaining the disorder attributes to inadequate sunshine, which directly implicates the thyroid. This is because; particular light creates happy thoughts, feelings, and chemicals in the body. When there is lack of it, the result is the opposite.

People with thyroid disease have high levels of the seasonal affective disorder and vice versa. Furthermore, people experiencing the disorder are likely to have thyroid disease. Thyroid medication can help prevent the disorder and cure it.

Here are a few ideas for staying optimistic and cheerful through the blue months:

  1. Get enough Omega-3 Fatty acids, which occur mostly in seafood. Furthermore, take omega-3 supplements or cod liver oil.
  2. Get the blue light therapy boxes like the Phillips Go-LITE Blue Light Therapy Device.

One should ensure that they take probiotics and eat foods that are fermented. Consumption of these foods gives rise to positive emotions. An individual can also opt for probiotics brands such as the Pure Encapsulations and VSL#3

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