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Impaired Ability to Handle Stress

Poor stress handling most of the time indicates adrenaline dysfunction. Adrenals are organs that hugely affect the body. When the body is in stress, cortisol releases a hormone to keep the body balanced. The hormone’s release depends on the level of stress, and its release can go to depletion. In such a case, you experience adrenal fatigue.

Upon visiting a doctor, a person should ensure that the doctor checks for adrenals when feeling exhausted, but the thyroid numbers look okay. Causes of anxiety and exhaustion include; emotional and mental stress, sleeping disorders, chronic inflammation and metabolic regulation.

The person, therefore should get enough rest, and look at his/her blood sugar levels. An unbalanced blood sugar level makes the person to be ‘angry,’ weakens the adrenals and increase thyroid antibodies. Balancing the sugar thus alleviates anxiety. Avoid starch as they raise the blood sugar. Focus on meals with fats and proteins. While carbohydrates assimilation in the body is quick, protein and fats last longer.

A diet containing fats assists in nourishing the thyroid, and stabilizing blood sugar. These foods include; chia seeds, avocado, and coconut oil. Furthermore, drinking a warm beverage containing coconut oil each day stabilizes the blood sugar. However, the individual should avoid caffeine because it increases anxiety and causes depression, as it affects brain chemistry.

Blood sugar rules

  • Protein and fats to be included in the diet
  • Eat 2-3 hours at first
  • Avoiding sweets before bed
  • Considering the limitation of caffeine intake
  • Avoiding all corns, grains, soy, and dairy
  • Taking breakfast in the course of one hour upon waking
  • Inclusion of snacks rich in fats and proteins for 2-3 hours like boiled eggs, nuts, and seeds.
  • Doing away with fasting
  • Avoid skipping breakfast
  • Avoiding foods whose glycemic index is higher than 55
  • Consuming of a diet that has a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. But the ratio of carbohydrate to protein must not exceed 2:1

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