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Tests for Gut Infections

There are various tests that a doctor can recommend to identify if the person has gut infections. Gut infections inhibits the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and carry out detoxification. As a result, the person experiences skin problems, fatigue and thyroid conditions. Individuals having the autoimmune disease usually have low levels of probiotics bacteria (the Lactobacillus and Bifidus). Furthermore, the amount of E.coli and the Proteus bacteria in their bodies is usually high.

The E.coli bacteria becomes pathogenic and brings about adverse effects in the body when they are in large numbers but fail to do so when the immune system’s defense outnumbers them. They usually begin by destroying the gut wall, causing permeability to the intestines. This creates a good avenue for autoimmunity to kick in.

To be on the safe side, the person can take the GI Effects Profile similar to the one for identifying Candida, to test for the body’s microbial flora quantity letting one know whether there is a balance or imbalance. The GI Effects profile test is functional and only possible if the individual has medical cover and his or her physician recommends it or else, it ceases to become an option.

Most patients usually test negative for H.Pylori infection when conventional lab tests are the norm. However, when other special tests that use functional medication such as the BioHealth 401 test is put in place, quick identification of the H.Pylori infection is possible. The stool antigen test is the common test that utilizes functional medication like the BioHealth 410 and the results are incredible.

Alternatively, natural remedies are also available for persons that prefer them. An example is a medication such as the doxycycline that the person consumes in strong doses to eliminate the infection. Other natural remedies include fermented foods, turmeric, oregano oil, aloe Vera juice, mastic gum, whole cloves of garlic, virgin coconut oil, probiotics, coenzyme q10, licorice and probiotics.

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