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Is The Thyroid Secret Criticism Clearly Misdirected?

Nothing can be more troubling to those who need medical help than finding misdirected criticism that lacks factual evidence and proof. This is indeed the case when it comes to The Thyroid Secret criticism that occasionally surfaces. The good news is that The Thyroid Secret is my solid fact-based collection of information, data and research that clearly explains thyroid disease. I discuss what causes thyroid disease as well as the symptoms and having to deal with this troubling condition.


In truth, The Thyroid Secret has reached millions of people across the globe and has helped those with thyroid problems enjoy better health and a more normal life. Those who are afflicted with the disease often feel alone, isolated and depressed. I created The Thyroid Secret to help people in a state of confusion to better understand the disease and how to deal with it on a daily basis. It is clearly obvious that The Thyroid Secret criticism is not founded on fact, evidence or solid research.


To the contrary, The Thyroid Secret is comprised of a collection of information that is based on my interviews with hundreds of experts, doctors and those who have lived with thyroid disease. It offers solutions and option for people who have many of the common symptoms associated with a serious thyroid condition. This includes everything from not being able to lose weight effectively to finding it difficult to concentrate. In other cases, individuals lose hair slowly at first and then lose large clumps of hair later on.


The Thyroid Secret explains through a documentary miniseries that much of thyroid disease related problems originate from environmental contaminants. Large mega-corporations have flooded our environment with toxins, chemicals and hazardous substances that wreak havoc on the human thyroid system. My documentary discusses the fact that these toxic substances are in our food, water and air. They are even prevalent in many of the products we use each and every day. Women are particularly susceptible because of the chemicals found in many cosmetics that are sold today.I believe that The Thyroid Secret criticism is obviously unfounded based upon this information.

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