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Most of the personal care products that people use contain chemical elements and toxic substances that disorient the performance of the endocrine system by interfering with the hormones. These chemicals and toxins are harmful to the thyroid when absorbed into the body.


Fluoride is commonly present in tap water and it suppresses the thyroid when in doses of 0.9 to 4.2 milligrams each day. Individuals in areas where the water supply is fluoridated could be ingesting up to 6.6 mg of the substance each day. Being a halogen makes it even more dangerous as it can be a root cause that leads to inflammation, autoimmune thyroiditis and even death. Using a reverse osmosis water filter can help prevent ingestion of the substance.

The common fluoride containing substances include toothpaste, tea, tobacco chewing, bottled beverages and medications. Eliminating fluoride from the diet can enhance thyroid health.


Persons that are gluten sensitive can experience breakouts when using products containing gluten. To prevent gluten reactions with the skin, people should switch to gluten-free products that do not have unnecessary synthetic materials.


The occurrence of breakouts usually indicates a hormone imbalance and solving the problem with care products containing toxins simply worsens the situation. Toxins like Parabens are endocrine inhibitors that shift the hormone balance. In most cases, one imbalance usually triggers another and become chain reactions. To contain the problem, people ought to detoxify their bodies and use organic products to avoid Parabens and chemical triggers.

Make up

Research has shown that women who love to wear makeup such as lipsticks have greater risk of getting lupus. This is because, make up products are triggers to illnesses and the more people wear them, the higher the likelihood of getting diseases like lupus and arsenic poisoning. Arsenic can cause cancer and disorient thyroid hormone activity. It is therefore important for personal product users to avoid products that contain harmful toxins.

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